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                      Technology systems


                      TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS
                      ANYI has the expertise and original research to support its patented technology,practical technology,traceability system and quality assurance system to ensure the best quality and ultimate precision .
                      1 Patented Technology
                      Up to now, ANYI has obtained 9 patents, including:
                      Three (3) Invention Patents
                      Six (6) Utility Model Patents
                      2 Practical Technologies
                        ANYI manufactures slide calipers with its own innovative technology which can enhance the durability a few times than the traditional ones. Innovated height gauge has double datum measuring surfaces and double scribers , which has wider usage. The performace of digital caliper can be greatly enhanced by attaching a protective device to it. This protective device can prevent the coolant or sweat on palm from dropping to the beam. Coolant and sweat have electrolyte which can block the induction of the stator sensor and cause reading error.

                      3 Product Testing Standards
                      Digital Calipers: GB/T 14899-94
                      Dial Calipers: GB/T 6317-93
                      Vernier Calipers: GB/T 1214.2-1996 JB/T 8370-1996
                      Digital Depth Gauges: JB 5068-91
                      Digital Outside Micrometers: JB 6079-92
                      Micrometer head: ZB J42 039-90
                      Digital Indicators: GB/T 18761-2002
                      Digital Height Gauges: JB 5069-91
                      4 Traceability Systems
                      It's known that a national standard for traceability is very important to the reliability of measurement results.
                      ANYI has advanced calibration facilities to calibrate and moniter its products so that customers can use their measuring instruments with assured reliability.

                      5 Quality Assurance Systems
                        ANYI established strick quality administration and quality control systems soon after its foundation and has achieved ISO9001 approval.


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