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                      Standard Reference
                      Precision Step Gauges
                      Swivel Support
                      Module masters
                      Gauge blocks
                      Slide Calipers
                      Digital Calipers
                      Dial Calipers
                      Vernier calipers
                      Digital Scale Units
                      Depth Gauges
                      Digital Depth Gauges
                      Dial Depth Gauges
                      Vernier Depth Gauges
                      Height Gauges
                      Digital Height Gauges
                      Dial Height Gauges
                      Vernier Height Gauges
                      Micrometer Heads
                      Outside Micrometers
                      Inside Micrometers
                      Depth Micrometers
                      Thickness gauges
                      Special Calipers
                      Special Designs
                      Data Interfaces
                      Surface Plates
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                      Product Show

                      ANYI's expertise and original research underpin its ability of manufacturing standard reference artifects and quality measuring instruments and distinguishes itself by offering tailored solutions and measuring instruments for customers. More and more customers at home and abroad regard ANYI as the symbol of quality and reliability.
                      ANYI's products are comprised of nine categories which include:
                      Standard reference artifects
                      Slide calipers
                      Depth gauges
                      Height gauges
                      Digital scale units
                      Special design
                      1.Measuring instruments
                        Precision Step Gauges Depth Gauges Special Calipers Digital Scale Units
                        Gauge Blocks Height Gauges Special Design Data Interfaces
                        Digital Calipers Micrometer Heads Indicators Parallel Ruler
                        Dial Calipers Outside Micrometers Thickness_gauges Surface Plate
                        Vernier Calipers Inside Micrometers Clinometers Stands
                      2.Tailored solutions and measuring instruments for individuals
                      Can't find what you are looking for from our products shown ? Obviously, you just need a special measuring tool for your products. Just tell us your need, we'll prepare a tailored solution for you. Procedures are as follows:
                          1) Email or fax us the drawing or picture of the object to be measured.
                          2) We'll send you our quotation.
                          3)Place your order and make the payment
                          4) Arrange manufacture and shipment

                      3.OEM , wholesale and retail service
                      In China, there are dozens of manufacturers of measuring tools. But only a few can make quality products.Most of them produce low-end products. If you are looking for high-end measuring instruments for OEM, ANYI is the best partner to work with you to meet your need. If you want to do the business of wholesale or retail, just email or fax us your order and then make the payment. We'll arrange the shipment to any corner in the world. Internet now makes business easier than ever. You can receive or send any information by internet. You no longer have to travel to China with time and money. You just stay at your place and do the business.
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