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                      Standard Reference
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                      Module masters
                      Gauge blocks
                      Slide Calipers
                      Digital Calipers
                      Dial Calipers
                      Vernier calipers
                      Digital Scale Units
                      Depth Gauges
                      Digital Depth Gauges
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                      Digital Height Gauges
                      Dial Height Gauges
                      Vernier Height Gauges
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                      How about exchange/refund ?
                          If you are not satisfied with our products sold to you, you may return them to us in their original condition for exchange or a full refund within 60 days of shipping date. This guarantee does not apply to OEM, Wholesale , custom orders and items not in their original condition.

                      The return steps are as follows:
                      Step 1: Tell us your intention of replacement or refund by email or fax and other details such as your name, telephone number, email , country, product name and item number, the reason of refund or exchange, etc.. We'll arrange the return or exchange after we confirm with you.

                      Step 2: Return
                      All ruturns must be sent to this address:
                      Name of Contact Person: LUO GUANG FU
                      Company name: ANYI INSTRUMENT CO., LTD.
                      Address: 1st Floor, Chuangxin Building, Industrial Park of High-tech Zone, Guilin 541004, P.R.China
                      Telephone: +86 - 13097735690
                      Description of Goods: Measuring Tools Sample Return
                      Declared Value: $10 (for example)

                      Step 3: Exchange / refund
                      After we receive your return, we'll arrange the exchange or refund for you in one or two days. Please note that any products returned showing signs of used, modified or damage in any way cannot be accepted.

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