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                      Standard Reference
                      Precision Step Gauges
                      Swivel Support
                      Module masters
                      Gauge blocks
                      Slide Calipers
                      Digital Calipers
                      Dial Calipers
                      Vernier calipers
                      Digital Scale Units
                      Depth Gauges
                      Digital Depth Gauges
                      Dial Depth Gauges
                      Vernier Depth Gauges
                      Height Gauges
                      Digital Height Gauges
                      Dial Height Gauges
                      Vernier Height Gauges
                      Micrometer Heads
                      Outside Micrometers
                      Inside Micrometers
                      Depth Micrometers
                      Thickness gauges
                      Special Calipers
                      Special Designs
                      Data Interfaces
                      Surface Plates
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                      How to make payment ?
                           The following secure payment methods are welcome:

                      Paypal (with or without a Paypal account)
                      Western Union Transfer
                      Wire Transfer (Regular Bank Transfer)
                      L / C at sight

                      Q: Do I need a PayPal account to pay ANYI?
                      A: No. You can pay with a credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) - all without having a PayPal account.

                      Q: Can I pay you with Euros or other currencies?
                      A: Yes. ANYI accepts payments in:
                      U.S. Dollars
                      Canadian Dollars
                      Australian Dollars
                      New Zealand Dollars
                      Hong Kong Dollars
                      Singapore Dollars
                      Pounds Sterling
                      Swiss Francs
                      Swedish Kronor
                      Danish Kroner
                      Norwegian Kroner

                      Q: What is your bank account information?
                      A: ANYI's bank account info:
                      PAYEE: ANYI INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD
                      BANK: BANK OF CHINA GUILIN BRANCH
                      SWIFT NO.: BKCHCNBJ49C
                      ACCOUNT NO.: 613257506832
                      Bank Address: No.2 Zhongshanzhong Road, Guilin. P.R.China

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