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                      Why buy from us

                      1. Qulity and Durability
                      ANYI- the most professional manufacturer of high-end measuring instruments in China
                      With 45 years of experience in offering expertise and solutions to the major manufacturers of measuring instruments in China, ANYI has become the manufacturer of top workshop measuring instruments in China s. Thanks to the patented innovation for slide calipers, ANYI ranks top quality and durability for its calipers in the world. Its slide calipers can be used for more than 500000 times! Longer than any other brands in the world !

                      2. The most cost effective
                      Underpinned with expertise and original research, ANYI has adopted innovated techniques one after another to improve the quality and enhance the durability. The measuring uncertainty of ANYI's precision step gauge is as good as that of some foreign brands. and even better than some foreign brands. But its price is only one-fourth of foreign brands. It's obviously the most cost effective precision step gauge in the world. ANYI's digital height gauge with double datum measuring surfaces and precision screw thread digital caliper are the other two highlights of its products.

                      3. Free packing & plastic/wooden case
                      All of our products are kept in individual plastic/wooden case and then packed in cartons.
                      All of these cases and cartons are free of charge.
                      Fig.1 boxes Fig.2 cartons

                      4. Free shipping (over $1000 )
                      We offer free shipping by courier on any individual orders (over $1000 ). Free shipping is for retail only.

                      5. 60-day return policy
                      If you are not satisfied with our products sold to you, you may return them to us in their original condition for exchange or a full refund within 60 days of shipping date. This guarantee does not apply to OEM, Wholesale , custom orders and items not in their original condition.
                      Click 60-Day Return Policy to see more details

                      6. A Trustworthy Manufacturer
                      Since its foundation, ANYI has been listed for the first choice by more and more customers in China. More and more end users in China are superseding the imported digital calipers and step gauges with ANYI's equivalents. Though ANYI is not so well-known outside China as it's in China, it's steadily gaining its good reputation abroad. Every day customers abroad approach ANYI for OEM or wholesale.ANYI has won the approval of ISO9001:2000. If you are looking for high-end measuring instruments, ANYI is the one that you can rely on.

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