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                      ANYI Profile


                         Anyi Instrument Co. Ltd was founded a few years ago. But its founder, Mr.Wu Fengshan, a member of China National Standardization Committee for Measuring Tools and Instruments, has worked as a technical expert for more than 45 years for the major manufacturers of measuring tools in China. With 45 years of experience in this field and his talent, he and his assistants have made remarkable achievements in making Standard Reference Artifacts. Precision Step Gauge Anyi-Step,which is every bit as good as its foreign equivalents, is only one of their masterpieces. The micron electronic caliper and height gauge with double datum surfaces are also their original creation . ANYI is an independent family-owned company. To supply customers at home and abroad with high-value Anyi quality products is ANYI's pride and obligation. This tradition will go on and on.

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